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About Fairy Cleaners in Oldham

about fairy cleaning oldhamWe are Fairy Cleaners - carpet cleaning company in Oldham, Greater Manchester, first established its roots back in 2008 when things were a bit different, but the goals were the same – to make Oldham a cleaner place. It is thanks to the loyalty of our customers, and the things we’ve learned during these past years, that we are now one of the renown cleaning services in the entire region, famous for their quality and bio-degradable detergents.

Your safety, the well-being of your family, friends and pets are our priority, that is why whenever we clean we use only the finest in cleaning detergents, comprised of all natural ingredients that act as a drug-free allergy relief. Fairy Cleaners also lower the toxin levels in the textiles of your home, reducing chances of allergic reactions and other health issues from occurring.

Benefits of booking Fairy Cleaners, Oldham

The comprehensive coverage of services that we are offer to all of our Oldham clients covers a very wide range of cleaning and maintenance, with which comes a great number of heath and other benefits, like:

  • Healthier home
  • Pure air quality, no more dust particles
  • Allergen levels greatly reduced
  • Lower dirt accumulation
  • Instant stain removal

And a slew of other fantastic benefits which you can check by calling our constant customer support phone number 0161 823 0248. Don't hesitate to call us at any time of the day or night.

Fairy Cleaners Oldham is environmentally friendly

Everything that is used in commercial and domestic environments first goes through a testing course that determines if the products are safe for usage around people, then it must pass all of the REACH guidelines signifying that the detergents and solvents we use are eco-friendly, have no bad emissions and are toxin free – ideal for use around your children or your pets.

What we use to pre-treat stains:

  • Multi Pro or Traffic clean - for better cleaning
  • Prespray Gold – if woolen carpets are involved
  • Citra Boost – when to sever soiling cases are present

When rinsing the fabrics of carpets or rugs:

  • Power Clean
  • Double Clean
  • Formula 90

Application for full stain removal:

  • Citrus Gel – oily stains
  • Stain Pro – food based stains
  • Solvex – for industrial strength stains
  • Browning Prescription – drinks stains
  • Solvall – chewing gum, fats, creosote
  • Red RX – can remove red food coloring
  • Rust Remover – for rust, duh

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