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Curtain Cleaning in Oldham, Greater Manchester

Drapery textiles can gather quite a bit of dust over the months, it can impact the quality of the air in the room, devaluate the colours and altogether ruin the curtains, not to mention the several health risks that unclean textiles can have. With Fairy Cleaners in Oldham, Greater manchester you don’t have to worry about a thing, as we are a premium provider of curtain cleaning and care of all sorts.

Benefits with our Curtain Cleaning Services

curtain cleaning oldhamWe maintain a large array of rugs all around Oldham and can vouch that their regular cleaning can have many health and other benefits to any home or office, for example:

  • You will enjoy a better smelling room
  • No more wrinkles on your drapery
  • Curtain U.V rays protection
  • Discolorations are a thing of the past
  • Full stain extraction

And a lot more, our comprehensive service offers you much more, if you want to know what, call us at 0161 823 0248 and our helpful team will inform you.

Curtain CleaningPrices
Curtain Steam Cleaning
Half length pair of curtains £19
Full length pair of curtains £24
Dry Curtain Cleaning
Half length pair of curtains £60
Full length pair of curtains £90

What to expect with our Curtains cleaning

Dry cleaning – neutralizes odours and blemishes on delicate and easy to damage materials, using a fine dust-like detergent, your Kashmir, cotton and silk textiles will be in the safe hands of our professional cleaners.
To apply the detergent we have to take the curtains down, don’t worry, we re-hang them at no extra charge after we are done. The detergent is applied on the affected area, then 12-15 minutes pass for it to do its thing then drawn out with a vacuum machine. It’s easy as that, no moisture and no need for drying.

Steam curtain cleaning in Oldham – offers the best of both worlds – efficiency and rapidness at a reduced cost to all other cleaning methods. Because of the flexibility of the procedure, no drapery dismantlement is required, leaving that time for the drying process. Along with the steam injected into the fibers of the curtains, we extract all of the debris and moisture, up to 95% of it, leaving a small percentage for it to be dried with air.

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