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Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

We do not recommend that, however, if need be we will supply you with the very same shoe covers our cleaners use to protect the clean results of your carpeting.

Depends on the size and location of the furniture regarding to what we are cleaning, if it is in the way and too big, we will move it ourselves, if it’s the prior case we will ask that you move it for us.

Not required, all detergents and cleaning supplies used during the cleaning are eco-friendly, absolutely toxin-free and are safe for use even around plants.

Our top priority is your safety, that is why we use bio-degradable detergents with zero toxins, however, it is best that you contact us and specify your problems so we can make sure an bring he proper detergents.

Our company has a full, comprehensive insurance that covers everything from cleaner safety to customer belongings safety and damage.

We do our best to fulfill every order and provide you with the best results, however, if the stain is old and has been there for an extended period of time, we cannot guarantee its full removal.

You get a free cleaning, and if you are still not happy with us – your money back guaranteed.

Anywhere between 2-3 hours, that is depending on its thickness and the ventilation of the room. We have air movers that can quicken the drying process by 75%, call for more info.

Yes, we do short notice bookings, depending on the size of the order and availability of our staff.

As long as it is before 23:30pm, we can come and clean anything you want.