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Mattress Cleaning in Oldham, Manchester

oldham mattress cleaningTroubled by unpleasant smells, a pet stain or the presence of bed bugs or dust mites in your bed mattress? Don't worry, Fairy Cleaners Oldham has got you covered, with 10 years of experience in the pest and stain removal business, our cleaners are more than well equipped to battle any infestation or smell that might be lurking in your bed mattress. Ensure your comfortable sleep by calling us today, for a consultation or to book us, call 0161 823 0248 and ask.

Oldham Mattress Cleaning Services

To begin with, you no longer will have to worry about bed bug bites, they can be severe and quite nasty to deal with, nor will you have to worry about stains and any smells leftover from your pets or children. You can also expect:

  • Dust free bed mattress
  • All bed pests are gone for good
  • Child and pet safe environment
  • Allergen level reduced to 0
  • Fresh smelling bed

The clean feel of your mattress is not to be neglected either, with a full array of detergents and machines, the mattress cleaners can handle any mess that might have occurred.

Single Mattress CleaningPrice
Steam cleaning £18
Dry cleaning £48

Mattress Cleaning Service's details

U.V lights treatment – is the way we remove bed bugs and dust mites. Using a group of ultraviolet lights, we disinfect and kill off any pests then removing their carcasses and fecal matter using a powerful vacuum machine. For this to be effective, we use several lights, for better more thorough coverage of the affected mattress.
The lights are absolutely safe for the fibers of your mattress and use no detergents and toxins as a cleaning mechanic. Quickly finished, our technicians will draw everything out with vacuum and be on their way.

Steam Mattress Cleaning – is how we battle stains, odours and any other bacteria induced problem. The high heat disinfects the material, leaving it fresh and with no contaminants. We draw all of the moisture out with a professional grade vacuum cleaner, also removing any debris, hairs and dead skin cells that might be inside of the mattress. This fully rejuvenates the materials, making them ready to be enjoyed once again.

Book Mattress Cleaners in Oldham
Don’t fall victim to pests, call us now and receive a risk-free mattress cleaning service in Oldham designed to keep you and your family safe. 0161 823 0248 is where you will find all the needed help and information on our service, booking and any other possible thing you might need in Oldham, Greater Manchester.