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Rug Cleaning in Oldham, Greater Manchester

rug cleaning oldhamWith Fairy Cleaners in Oldham, you have found the perfect balance between premium rug cleaning company, rug cleaning price, and healthy cleansing. Using bio-degradable detergents and a full array of machines and special techniques, the professional rug cleaners are prepared to tackle even the dirt of rugs. They also specializing in the care of expensive Persian or Turkish rugs, protecting their fibers from harm, dirt, and stain accumulation.

Benefits Of Rug Cleaning in Oldham

Don’t waste time and effort on trying to clean the stain of your rugs, it will only do them harm, instead trust the professional rug cleaners to do the rug cleaning and handle any staining or blemish problem your rugs might be facing. Along with our expert help in Oldham, Manchester you will enjoy:

  • Carefully cleaned rugs
  • Fiber dust accumulation protection
  • Prolonged textile longevity
  • More vivid colors

And a slew of other benefits about which you can find out more by calling (phone number) and asking the friendly person at the help desk to explain.

Rug Cleaning Price 
Depends on Size & Condition

Oldham Rug Cleaning Information

Dry rug cleaning Oldham  in Oldham– gives you delicate and expensive rugs a fighting chance against more severe stains, without having to use harmful and potentially toxic materials on them. This procedure utilizes a carefully engineered dry detergent which reacts with the stains, destroying their bonds with the fibers of your rugs without causing any harm to the colors or fiber integrity.
A very valuable ally when dealing with Persian or other exotic rug types that cannot be damaged. Applied on the affected area, the dry detergent is left to react with the stain for about 12-15 minutes then drawn out with a vacuum cleaner. Because it does not use any water or heat, there is no drying required, your rugs will be ready to use right away.

Steam rug cleaning  – on the other hand, tackles the problem using the raw power of high-pressure liquids and high temperature. This is why its is best used on synthetic and woolen rugs, however, because of its dirt cutting power, it can be used on even industrial strength stains like paint, nail polish, paint thinner and even asphalt.
The heat disintegrates the stain or, at least, its bond with the fibers, the detergent inside neutralizes any effects of the stain, then deodorizes the fibers leaving a fresh smelling rug, with no traces of stains or strain.
The steam itself is injected into the fibers, firing its particles directly at the base of the stains, removing them instantaneously. The professional rug cleaners in Oldham use a powerful vacuum machine to draw everything out, leaving you with a fresh, newly cleaned rug to enjoy.

Booking Our Rug Cleaning in Oldham, Greater Manchester

Enjoy a once again clean rug, call us at 0161 823 0248 and schedule a visit in Oldham. With flexible booking hours, no deposit before our visit and multiple payment options, you will enjoy a more convenient cleaning experience than anticipated. Our 24/7 customer care team will be more than happy to answer any of your questions, either by phone or in our live chat, which you can join even now.