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Upholstery Cleaning in Oldham, Manchester

For the best upholstery cleaning service in the entire borough of Oldham, give Fairy Cleaners a call. Available during weekends, bank holidays, late nights and early mornings, our servicemen will prove to be most helpful regardless of your upholstery cleaning needs. Treating leather, sued and any other type of upholstery out there, you will enjoy a comprehensive service that will help you with stain removal, odour extraction even bed bug or dust mite infestations.

Upholstery - Steam Cleaning
Armchair £20
Two-seater Sofa £33
Three-seated Sofa £40
Sofa by seat £13
Dining chair £7
Dry Upholstery Cleaning
Armchair £55
Two-seater Sofa £75
Three-seated Sofa £90
Sofa by seat £30
Dining chair £30
Curtain & Mattress Steam Cleaning
Half length pair of curtains £19
Full-length pair of curtains £24
Single Mattress £18

Get Furniture Upholstery Cleaning in Oldham. Check The Benefits!

upholstery cleaning oldhamWith our professional help in Oldham you won't have to tolerate stains or pet odours on your upholstery, left from the potty training days, accidental food or drink spills, or even old stains that you’ve tried to remove yourself, we have it all covered. Book furniture upholstery cleaning and you will enjoy:

  • Stain-free upholstered furniture
  • No leather cracking
  • Rejuvenated, more vivid colours
  • Full dust and pet hair removal
  • Longer lasting clean effects

Using our patented fiber protection detergent, we can not only lock in the clean results with our upholstered furniture cleaning but make them last for a longer period of time. Call 0161 823 0248 and ask about furniture cleaning and also for Scotchgard.

Oldham Upholstery Cleaning Explained

Leather sofa cleaning 

upholstery cleaner oldhamThis upholstery cleaning method will neutralize the effects of time, resolving leather cracking, accumulate dirt and discolorations alike. The cleaners will use a very carefully chosen array of detergents and conditioners corresponding to the situation at hand on your upholstered furniture, they can rejuvenate even the most disheveled leather couch, all within reason of course.
If leather cracking is the problem, our technician will use a special conditioner that will open the pores of the leather, allowing it to breathe, moisturizing it as to prevent future leather cracking and alleviate the current problem. For staining and discolorations, depending on the type and condition of the leather, we either use a hand applied detergent or a row rpm machine as to best apply the detergent. Everything is then wiped clean and left to dry for 15 minutes, after which your furniture is ready to use.

Upholstery Steam cleaning in Oldham - is used on a selection of furniture types for cleaning, readily accessing even the deepest of folds on couches, sofas and any other type of furniture. Best used on synthetic and woolen upholsteries, this method utilizes a high-pressure steam jet to access even the deepest dirt and dust deposits that might be in your upholstery.
It has great anti-allergenic effects and can easily remove any stain, even paint and nail polish. We apply the steam jet on the affected area and entirety of the furniture, then draw everything out immediately after, leaving a small percentage of the moisture to be air dried within 2-3 hours of the cleaning.

We can clean your mattresses, curtains and rugs too! Check our service page to see all services we provide.

Book Your Upholstery Cleaner in Oldham From Our Company

If you are curious, give the upholstery cleaners in Oldham a call at 0161 823 0248 and receive an instant, free quote. We can even do private viewings to determine the right course of action at no charge, absolutely free. Book furniture cleaning now and receive all of that and a lot more, like access to our 24/7 customer support team, friendly cleaning tips and access to all of our professional cleaning services.